Mountainside Church was launched on Easter Sunday, April 1999, as a contemporary United Methodist Church with a desire to reach out to those in need of God’s love and grace.  The first four years were spent meeting in a local community center as ministries developed and lives were transformed.  In the fall of 2002, God blessed this young faith community with the completed construction of a new home at our present location at 301 Elcano Drive.  In 2007, an additional worship service was offered.  Both services remain contemporary, upbeat, and relevant.  This website serves to give a glimpse of what God is doing in our community and in our lives.  There is a place for YOU at Mountainside!



OUR VISION is to be a Church after God’s own HEART

OUR MISSION is to help people:

  Hear the Good News of Jesus Christ,
  Experience the Grace the God,
  Act and mature in Faith,
  Reach out in Love, and
  Tell the Story to others.
  • People matter to God.
  • People are created to be in relationship with God and with one another.
  • People receive grace and strength for living through the Christian faith.
  • Power for living comes through Prayer, Worship, and Serving God.
  • The Bible directs and guides us on how to live fully.
  • God gives each person special gifts to help the world.
  • Real Christian living is never static, but always vibrant and growing.


The United Methodist Church’s roots go back over 200 years. We are Christians and we hold the same basic beliefs as all Christians.

We believe in one God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that God is alive and active in our world, that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, and that the Holy Spirit dwells within us as our guide.

We believe that every person needs God’s saving grace in their lives. We believe this salvation and redemption come through faith in Jesus Christ, not through anything we do ourselves. We believe that all persons who put their trust in Jesus are made new and transformed.

We believe in the power of scripture as the primary rule and guide for our lives. We believe that we are part of Christ’s universal church with all fellow believers. With other Christians, we believe that Holy Communion and Baptism are sacraments, through which God’s grace is received in particularly powerful ways.

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