Answered Prayer

Answered Prayer

As seen in the  "The Heartbeat" and published in the Hot Springs Village Voice

We live in a much faster paced world than that of our youth. Gone (or almost so) are the days when we would write a letter, place it in an envelope, and drop it in the mailbox. Days or weeks would go by before we would get a response from the person with which we were corresponding. Even with all the time in between sending and receiving, we thought the process was fairly effective.

Today we live in what some call a "microwave" or "popcorn" society. We no longer send letter through the U.S. Postal Service, or as some call it the "snail mail." We send correspondence by electronic mail, or "email." We send little cartoon characters in an effort to get emotions across. These little pictures are called emoticons or emojis. Try as they may, these little faces can’t hide the fact we want answers quicker than with snail mail.

I must ask how long do you think is appropriate for a response when you send a text message to someone? Is it two weeks? Maybe a week? Or how about a day? Face it, we expect an answer almost immediately don’t we! It’s true we have an amazing communication network with all the devices at our disposal. But is this impatience altering our prayer life?

When we pray, what is the purpose? Is it to lift someone up who is in need of divine intervention or healing? Is it just to spend time with our Heavenly Father, as we would a best friend? Sadly some look at prayer as a time we can ask God to do something for us. And when we pray, we expect God to give us what we want within the same time span of popping a bag of popcorn in the microwave! Adults are the worst about this. Children pray expectantly, but some adults pray impatiently!

God knows what is best for us. If He gave us exactly what we prayed for, would we be limiting Him in pouring out the riches of Heaven upon us? We cannot fathom all God can give us. So why would we want less than what He wants to give us.

In all our prayers, pray in a manner of certainty that God hears our prayers. Jesus opened the throne room door with His sacrifice on the cross. Our prayers reach the ears of God the Father. But we also must pray with a sense of acknowledgement. Remember those four words in the model prayer – the Lord’s Prayer: "thy will be done."

If we expect God to answer our prayers within the limitations of human understanding, we are not ready to receive His fullness. May we all pray fervently, places all the decisions in God’s hands, allowing Him to astound us with His love and grace. He loves us and wants His best for all of us, and not what we think is best!


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