Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

As seen in the  "The Heartbeat" and published in the Hot Springs Village Voice

How many times as young parents did we hear this question from the back seat as we traveled down the highway, "Are we there yet?"  It was spoken in seriousness, but sometimes would be repeated over and over again, knowing it was getting under the skin of the front seat occupants!  Needless to say, the question was a signal the back seat was about to have about as much sitting still as they could take.

It was also a signal of uncertainty.  The young ones knew the departure point but the destination time was a little foggy.  It was at this point in the trip when all the games planned on the trip lost their luster and parenting skills were now required.

No matter how much parents repeated, "We’re almost there" it somehow did not alleviate the anxiety of the young ones.  They had a pre-conceived idea of how long the trip would take, and once it exceeded that period of time, all they could do is focus on the goal – arrival!

The nation of Israel was under Roman rule when Jesus walked among them.  This rule was oppressive, and the people hoped for days of freedom.  They remembered their liberation from their days of slavery under the Egyptians, and celebrated it every year.  The prophets foretold of the coming of the Messiah for generations.  The people hoped He would free them from the rule of a foreign government and join all the tribes once again under one king.

The Apostles were Jewish and knew of the prophecy.  They like all others desired to see the nation of Israel return to one nation under a new king.  Even though they had spent approximately three years with Jesus, there was some ideas that were hard to give up.

On the day Jesus ascended, they gathered around Him and asked, "Are you going to restore the kingdom to Israel?"  Basically, they were asking, "Are we there yet?"  While they believed Jesus was the Messiah to their very cores, some of the things Jesus taught them were still being lost.  They were ready to arrive at their destination of a united Israel.

Jesus knew His disciples, and us as well, have a hard time as humans understanding God’s master plan.  We all have a part to play in it, one specifically chosen for us.  We can remember the beginning of our relationship with Christ, but on this journey, we can’t see the destination as clear as we would like.

This week, rest in the faith that God has a plan, and nothing we can do nor anything this world can throw at it will inhibit it one bit.  It is a marvelous plan and one beyond our wildest dreams.  Get involved in God’s plan, but mostly we should enjoy the trip with Him in the driver’s seat!


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