Believe in Miracles

Believe in Miracles

Miracles are an interesting thing to consider. There are lots of varying options about miracles, as to their existence or even their validity. I think it is a matter of how one looks at things. It’s always that half full or half empty point of view.

Recently a friend shared with me about a bible study she is doing. It’s all about the miracles of Jesus, and how in our desperate moments we can discover God. The author shares how that miracles come when we are desperate. This holds some truth when you consider the first miracle we have recorded of Jesus. It was at the Wedding of Cana, when Jesus mother is insistent that Jesus do something when they ran out of wine, or when Mary and Martha are distraught that their brother Lazarus has died, or the man who was blind and made to see. In each case, desperation was present.

 I can remember when my girls were young and they were dead set on doing something themselves, regardless of my offer to help.  I would consent to let them try, but would always promise that my help was available. Usually after many failed attempts, they would come seeking my help or ask my advice and I would happily give assistance. I know I did this to my mom countless times, because I was at best "hard-headed."

Not much has changed when it comes to our relationship with God. We may know full well that God is our help and strength, our teacher and guide…but we have this stubborn streak in us that wants to do things on our own. Sometimes things work out okay, and other times not so much. It’s in those desperate times that we can see how God is ever-present in all that we do.

We tend to make life really hard. We over think things, make it far more complicated, and burden it with need to be independent and self-reliant. However, that is not how we are created. So desperate times call for desperate measures…and many times that is in the form of a miracle, however big or small it may be. It reminds us of the evidence of God and our need to rely on God for everything. We were never created to be alone, to forge through life with others around us, and we were most especially not created to be without God at the center of our lives.

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