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Don't Quit

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Don’t Quit!


            “Don’t quit!”  “Don’t give up!”  “Quitters never win!”  These phrases and more come directly from the coach’s motivational handbook.  They are heard on football fields, basketball courts, soccer fields, and many more sports venues across the nation.  The phrases are meant to do one thing, and that is to motivate us to continue past a point in which we thought we could go no more.

            Military training is meant to do the same thing.  Those who serve are trained to push past their mental and physical limits during exercises so when they enter combat, they have a honed sense of capability within and amongst their peers.

            I attended the U.S. Army Warrant Officer Candidate School many years ago.  On their web page they touted the school “replicated combat stress in a garrison environment.”  I wasn’t exactly sure how they could do that, but most assuredly they did once I arrived in Ft. Rucker, Alabama.  The training was intense.  It taught the candidates to manage their environments down to the split-second level under immense stress.  It stretched the limits of those who would not only complete the training but excel in the environment.

This ability was tested while in combat in Iraq.  One morning we came under rocket attack.  In the natural reaction to a heightened state of stress, I realized I was able to operate and stay somewhat calm and utilize my training to assist others.

“Don’t quit!”  “Don’t give up!”  I can almost hear these words in my spirit when I get down or have some trying times.  When we get bogged down in our everyday life, we feel like the weight of the world is on our shoulders, holding us back from achieving goals and purpose.  There isn’t a way for us to avoid these trials, but there is a way for us to have a different perspective on them.

God spent the entire Old Testament (if that is even an accurate way to measure time) trying to reconcile the nation of Israel back to Himself.  He gave Moses the law, but mankind decided to add to what was perfect.  In doing so they made it unachievable.  God spoke through the prophets to give direction and guidance, and all the people did was to kill all who spoke against the ruling class.  Finally, God sent His Son to provide a way for each person to reconcile themselves.

God never gave up on the nation of Israel then and He won’t give up on His creation now.  While the church is under attack from every angle, God is calling people to worship.  Even though people have “gotten out of the habit,” eventually the voice inside of them will speak louder than they can ignore.  The Holy Spirit will shine brightly through people who God brings around those who have gone astray.

Are you depressed about this world?  Are you fed up with the pandemic?  I can hear our Heavenly Coach saying, “Don’t give up!  Seek me and my wisdom and I will get you through this!  I promise you!”

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