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Finishing My Thoughts

As seen in the HEARTbeat and the Village Voice

If you have had a lifelong friend or been married for many years, you know this question:  “How did they know what I was going to say?”  Friends finish sentences for us.  Spouses finish sentences for each other.  It’s almost like they are in each other’s heads!

              While we may think this, it obviously can’t be true.  Reading someone’s mind is impossible, much to the dismay of the magicians.  We can’t possibly know exactly what someone is thinking.  But we can take past experiences with them, past conversations with them, and present behaviors and relate them to the present conversation to predict how our friend or spouse might react to a given situation, and what they may say.  All this is possible because of the strength of the relationship.  It would be impossible to do such prognostication with a person you’ve just met.

But what if I told you there is a person who, upon first meeting with them, could know exactly what you are thinking.  This person would know not only your thoughts but also your emotions to any given situation or stimuli.  This person is no magician, no scientist, no doctor, nor a spouse, but one who is closer than any of these people.  Who is this person?  It is…..the Holy Spirit.

When we give our lives to God by acknowledging we are sinners and can do nothing on our own, we accept the sacrifice Jesus made for us to take our sins away.  It is then, as scripture says, God adopts us into His family.  Not only does He adopts us, He places a seal upon us, one only He can remove.  That seal signifies not only that we are His, but it also signifies the presence of the Holy Spirit in us.

You see, when we were fashioned in the womb by God, He created a special place in us that was empty.  As we grow, we unknowingly search for something to fill this empty space by way of the many things the world offers.  But there is only One who can perfectly fit into the space God fashioned in us, and that is His Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit knows us better than anyone.  He knows our thoughts and our emotions, our gladness and our pain.  He knows the prayers of our heart before they make it to our lips.  He not only serves as our Holy conduit to the throne of God the Father, but is also the way by which God communicates with us.  When we say, “I know this to be true in my spirit,” we are speaking the truth.

Mankind is the only part of creation that was made in God’s image.  Scripture says to worship Him in spirit, as He is spirit.  The more time we spend in prayer and study of His Word, the closer our spirits move to the Holy Spirit.  We can have a “Heaven on earth” experience by acknowledging one-third of the Holy Trinity resides within us here on earth.

We are walking vessels of the Holy Spirit.  The next time you’re having a problem finishing your thoughts in prayer, remember the Holy Spirit knows you intimately and will finish your thoughts for you!


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