As seen in the  "The Heartbeat" and published in the Hot Springs Village Voice

Lately we have all seen commercials on the television and heard them on the radio about debt forgiveness.  I’m not exactly sure how it works, as thankfully I haven’t been in need of such services. What sticks in my mind are the testimonials.  Those using the program speak of "great weights being lifted from their shoulders" and a "new lease on life" as their financial worries have been reduced or eliminated.

We all have been through pains and hurts in our lives.  Face it, people just don’t treat other people like they should.  As a result, we carry hurts we shouldn’t, and in some cases we carry anger with us as well.  Those are enormously heavy things to carry around and can weigh our daily lives down. Much like putting a heavy weight belt on an elite runner, our abilities to perform and have a greater positive attitude is inhibited – all from the anger and hurts we’ve wrapped our hearts in.

In His sermon on the Mount, Jesus gave some very clear instructions to make our daily lives "lighter."  In Luke 6: 37, 38 Jesus said, "Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned.  Forgive, and you will be forgiven. Give, and it will be given to you." Jesus was telling those gathered around Him that day how to live lighter lives, in very simple terms.  But notice one thing: the actions required by Jesus originates with the ones who have control – us, not with the ones who have hurt us!

We can’t carry hurts and pains around, waiting on those who caused them to come ask for forgiveness.  If that was the prescription, imagine the weight we would be adding to our lives daily waiting for them to come to us!!  No, Jesus said it is up to us to lighten our loads by throwing off all of this by not judging, not condemning, giving, and certainly forgiving.

Lighten your load this week by removing the weight belts we’ve placed around our hearts and give yourself a new lease on life.  Easier said than done? Absolutely. We can’t do it by ourselves. Absolutely not! Turn to the One who gave us the prescription.  He stands ready to help us to forgive others, in the way He has forgiven us!! Christ is in the debt forgiveness business for those willing to accept Him.


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