Greener Grass

As seen in the HEARTbeat and Village Voice

Perspective! It’s all about how you look at things isn’t it. The old saying is, “The

grass is always greener on the other side (of the fence).” This old saying is so indicative

of the way we humans look at things and how we desire a change, more, or better than we

already have. Most of the time, we just “want” the newer or upgraded item while never

going through any problem solving process to determine why we no longer desire what

we have! I will spare you the mundane details of the multitude of processes, but suffice it

to say, there are definite reasons the grass is greener on the other side of the fence!

It takes effort to keep a lawn looking good. It, of course, requires water. This

summer has been exceptionally hot with little rain. Many lawns have shown the stress of

the heat, and even the trees are beginning to turn brown. Feeding a lawn with fertilizer,

weed killer, and other herbicides are necessary to have that golf course-looking lawn.

Bottom line is it takes work to achieve the lawn others peer over their fences to admire

and, dare I say, covet.

Success also takes effort. The nation of Israel had been in captivity for over 400

years. They were subject to the taskmaster’s whip. At first they lived in Egypt as a free

people. When the ruling Pharaoh discovered the Hebrew people were becoming more

numerous than the Egyptians, he put them under the thumb of Egypt and made them

slaves of the state. In other words, the minority in Egypt wanted the perceived power of

the majority, and they were going to do anything to make it so. Eventually God’s people

were delivered from Egyptian slavery and started their four-decade journey to the

Promised Land. They labored yet they were delivered.

People want what they don’t have. Or sometimes people want to force their

opinion on others and make them believe as they do. This is so apparent today. It seems

we can’t have a differing opinion from someone else because we will then receive

“labels.” We as humans want change, but then when we get what our eyes desire, it

never seems to be as satisfying as we thought it should be and we start looking for the

greener grass all over again.

There is one constant in this world which has never changed nor will it ever, and

that is God. His Holy Word is true, infallible, and inerrant. It has changed lives for the

better throughout history and will continue to do so in the future. God is the same way.

He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow; He does not change! This should be

extremely comforting to an ever-changing world!

In our world of power-shifting, philosophical and ideological differences, societal

differences, and majority/minority viewpoints, it should be said our God is not a new God

or a progressive God. Our God is a constant God. Next time we use God’s Word as a

foundation for a discussion, know His foundation will never fail and never waiver.

Thanks be to Him who never will fail His children!

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