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One of the newest technological innovations is the driverless car.  As I understand it, the car uses multiple input sensors to keep the vehicle safe in traffic, as well as global positioning system (GPS) satellites to traverse roads and highways to reach the destination which has been input into the computer system.  Considering I lose satellite signal on my television during a thunderstorm, I’m not completely on board with this new type of technology just yet.

I have a good friend who goes on annual pheasant hunting trips in South Dakota, in addition to a week-long fishing trip in Canada.  They depend on guides in both locations. He conveyed to me the guide his group uses for their fishing trip is retiring this year. The gentleman who serves as their guide has been guiding groups in southern Canada for over 50 years.  My friend was saddened over the retirement decision, and wondered where they would find such a knowledgeable, experienced, and reliable guide for next year’s trip.

We use guides in many aspects of our daily lives from knife-sharpening guides, to sewing guides, even golf swing guides to help us improve and master our efforts.  But I’ve heard so many people say flounder in their spiritual walk, feeling like they are on their own, questioning if they are being effective.

The disciples had Jesus with them, to serve as a guide, a teacher, a mentor, and an example.  Yet, even they did not understand what He was trying to tell them and others when He spoke in parables.  Throughout the time they spent with Jesus, they doubted themselves and even denied knowing Jesus. They did not fully rely on their "Guide."

Today we have the Holy Spirit to serve as our Holy Guide.  No matter where we are, the Holy Spirit is there with us. Jesus even said He must leave this earth to make room for the Comforter, the Advocate to come.  There is a great deal of assuredness in the words Jesus uses for the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is with us, to comfort us during our times of struggle, to guide us through the good times as well as the bad times, and to advocate for us to God the Father.  What better guide to have in our daily lives than one who Jesus Himself recommends!! And I assure you, unlike the TV signal during storms, the Holy Spirit will never lose contact with us, especially during life’s storms.  

Turn your spiritual antennae toward God every day, and the Holy Spirit will give you the best signal imaginable, one that will guide all of us to our ultimate destination – our Heavenly home!

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