How Are We Seen

How Are We Seen

As seen in the  "The Heartbeat" and published in the Hot Springs Village Voice

We are unique.  There are some of us who looked very similar to one another.  And of course, there are times when you can’t tell twins apart.  It is also said somewhere in the world there is a person who is not our twin who looks exactly like us – our "dopple-ganger."  We strive to dress the same, talk the same, and in some cases have similar modes of transportation.

If all this is true, why do we concentrate on the differences?  We use our differences in ways that are not flattering to either build ourselves up or to tear another down.  Is there a reason we use differences as a negative instead of celebrating them?

As much as we try to look the same, talk the same, gather in clubs to associate with like-minded people, we are all different.  If we look at the very building blocks of life, our DNA, we are all different. But I hear you saying, "the normal person can’t look there!"  True, but if we can agree on the uniqueness of our DNA, my point is made.

God made us unique, yet we are all the same!  Scientists will tell you our DNA is unique to us as individuals.  Forensic scientist will back up this claim, as they use DNA to solve crimes in our modern-day era.  So, our Creator made us as individuals, or special if you like to think this way.

However, we all look the same!  Genesis 1:27 says, "So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them."  If this is so, and there is no argument there is only one true God, we then all look the same!!!!

Here’s my question:  how are we seen? To God, we are unique as He created us to be special in our own way to Him.  But by the world, all Christians should look the same! You see, we should be so close to our Heavenly Father on a daily basis, it’s hard to see where He stops and we begin!

This week, if we truly are the hands and feet of Christ, and let Him shine through us, we will all look the same to a world who truly needs the love, presence, and grace of our risen Lord in their lives.  Let’s all look the same to the world this week!!!!


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