How Do You Travel?

How Do You Travel?

As seen in the  "The Heartbeat" and published in the Hot Springs Village Voice

My wife and I have had the luxury of seeing a great deal of the United States on the back
of a big touring motorcycle. Our country is so diverse and so beautiful, with towering buildings
in the big city to the towering Sequoia pines in northern California. And the smells are no less
different. I can even say the rains are different as well, from the pure rain in the Ozarks to the
muddy rain in the Mojave Desert. Yes, our country is a tapestry, woven together to be quite

We would plan out our big trips after months of talking about what sights we wanted to
see. One such trip was up the Pacific Coast Highway eventually ending up in Glacier National
Park. We planned for months with our traveling partners, selecting stops along the way for rest,
doing laundry, and of course the local tourist attractions. We always had the end goal in mind,
but we had to plan one day at a time to avoid a long day on the motorcycle. Eventually, we
reached all our planned sites and made it to our ultimate goal safe and sound – home.
Our trips were not without struggles and breakdowns, from the extreme heat in the
deserts of the Southwest to breaking down 155 miles from the nearest Harley dealership in
norther Arizona. Struggles are just part of the experience, not unlike life.

Looking back over our nation’s journey, there have been wonderful sights and sounds but
there have also been some struggles. Things "break down" along the way and we have repaired
the brokenness. The repairs must take place to continue on the journey. Our life’s journey is the

Matthew 6:25 and following tell us to plan our day one at a time. Yes, we have an
eventual goal, but God only promises us today. Matthew’s words tell us not to worry about
tomorrow, nor the food we will eat or the clothes we will wear. God clothes the fields with
beautiful flowers and provides food for even the smallest bird.

We are part of God’s wonderful creation. However, how important are we in it? I will
tell you, we are the only part of creation made in the image of our Creator! If He cares for the
lilies of the field and smallest of birds on the ground, how much more will he care for us?

Yes, we are on a journey. We’ve experienced great times and some hard knocks as well.
When we reach our ultimate goal, our forever home, we can look back and see the wonderful
tapestry of our lives God has woven for us, a beautiful creation woven by the Master’s hands.


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