Humble and Kind

Humble and Kind

Some of you may remember a song released in May 1971 titled "M. Big Stuff."  Jean Knight was the vocalist and sang "Mister Big Stuff! Who do you think you are?"  It was a song sang from a woman’s perspective toward a man who strutted around trying to attract the attention of the ladies.  He was different by the way he walked and the way he talked. He was different and he knew it. But the ladies weren’t falling for the flamingo-like attitude.

When Jesus began His ministry, the religious leaders of the day asked Jesus questions very much like the one Jean Knight asked, "Mister Big Stuff!  Who do you think you are?" The question was the same, but the motive was certainly not. The ladies in the song chided the strutting man for breaking ladies’ hearts.  Jesus was also different but the Pharisees and other religious elite didn’t see Jesus as a threat emotionally, but a threat to their power, position, and authority. They tried to catch Jesus at every turn and even dispatched spies to collect information.  But every time a question was posed by the "plant in the crowd," Jesus would answer using the words of the Law or the prophets – the very words they should have recognized and understood. But their ego and self-infatuation made them blind, so they could not see the one who was standing in front of them was the Messiah himself.

I’m reminded of another song when I think about how Jesus came, how he walked, and how he interacted with the people in the villages, hillsides, and lakesides.  The song is "Humble and Kind" by Tim McGraw. Jesus knew He had an uphill battle, a mountain to climb as the song says. He knew there would be those who would accept Him and those who would reject Him.  All along His journey, even to the point when being beaten and having thorns pierce His scalp, He never lost His humbleness.

Sometimes it’s hard to be like Jesus, humble and kind.  When we realize there are just some things over which we have no control, and there are some people who are determined to have a bad day and share it with everyone, being humble and kind in the face of adversity will have a greater impact on the world we live in.  Our health will be better, our friendships will be stronger, and our relationship with the Heavenly Father will be sweeter because we are becoming what He wants for all His children – to be like Jesus.

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