Humble Not Proud

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“Humble not Proud”


            What causes many of our troubles?  What can get us in hot water faster than anything else?  Most of you may be thinking it’s our mouths, but what drives our mouths?  More times than not it’s pride.  We think we’re right about this or that, and if we are really prideful, nothing is going to change our mind!

            Pride can cause us to say things we shouldn’t.  Some may say, “I have the right to say exactly what I want!”  I would have to agree with them, considering we have free speech in this country (to an extent).  But as an old, wise friend once told me, “Just because you have the right to say something doesn’t mean that you should!”

            Putting our minds in gear before operating our mouths is too prevalent in our society today.  “Well, he disrespected me, so I can say what I want!”  People think respect is something automatically given.  And when they think that way, pride is usually the predicate for this mindset and the prideful speech that follows.

            Jesus had so many opportunities to be proud.  He did things no one had ever seen before.  He cured those with birth defects – a Messianic miracle.  He cast out demons who were mute – a Messianic miracle.  He had the power over nature, e.g., calming storms – a Messianic miracle.  And He raised people from the dead – yes, another Messianic miracle.  These miracles could only be performed by God Himself or the Messiah.  To put it in prideful terms, Jesus was the only game in town or in the world for that matter.  No one could do what Jesus could do.

            Even with all the miraculous things Jesus did, not once did He act in a prideful manner.  He was kind and gentle.  To put another word on it, Jesus was humble.  He didn’t have to be and, in some cases, maybe I think He shouldn’t have been!  In every case, He chose humbleness over pride.

            Here is my question:  Did Jesus have to give up His position to be humble?  Was He still the King of kings in His humbleness?  Was He still the Son of God, the One through whom the entire of creation was created?  He was all this and more.

            I don’t think there was a single prideful hair on Jesus’ head.  We should be the same way.  Jesus did not give up being the King of kings when He humbled Himself before His accusers before He was crucified.  He was still the Son of God while He was humble before the Pharisees.  And He was humble when He reached across ethnic boundaries to comfort someone who was struggling, e.g., the Samaritan woman at the well.

            Being humble does not mean you give up who you are and your accomplishments.  Being humble actually shows who you are in spirit.  Be humble and kind, and you will reach more people for Christ. He is the example we need to follow every minute of every day!

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