It’s About Time

It’s About Time

Fall has finally arrived.  The leaves have started changing colors, the grass is beginning to start its winter nap, and the squirrels are gathering food in frenzy as they prepare for the upcoming cold.  Yes, it’s about time!

Growing up, I thought the leaves changed colors because of the cooler weather, but that is not the case.  As the days grow shorter, there is less light. The shortened days cause less photosynthesis in the leaves, thereby triggering a change in color from healthy green to oranges, reds, and yellows.  All of this because of less light.

We as humans begin our change for the season as well.  No doubt the sweaters and sweatshirts that were packed away last Spring have been unpacked and organized ready for the cooler temperatures.  Our favorite sweatpants and sweatshirt now hang ready to provide warmth and comfort once again. Even the colors of our fall clothes sometimes mimic those we see in nature with deep reds, brownish yellows, and blacks.  Yes, it’s about time.

The events we see unfolding around us with the changing season may cause us to contemplate about other events as we think back to the summer and look forward to a cold winter.  We might debate about the lateness of Fall and how Summer hung on a little too long. We might have noticed the time in the evening that was light only a few months ago is now dark and the stars are visible.  All these changes and more are orchestrated by the Master Builder, the Creator of all things!

In Ecclesiastes, scripture tells us there is a time for every matter under Heaven – a season for everything.  The comparative list is long. We see a time for being born and a time to die. Also, there is a time to plant and a time to harvest.  There is even a time to be silent and a time to speak. These contrasts seem to bookend a time, or a season in our lives. We can even say some of these are light dependent, or more specific "Light" dependent.

The Light of Christ is a power thing.  The more we have Him in our lives, the more His light shines through us.  And with more light, just like the leaves of a tree, we stay full of life and shine in the presence of the Son.  But the less we hang around in the "Light", the darker we become. We lose our connection to the Vine and we wither and may fall away from the source of our strength.

We may like the change of the season, or we may not.  We must admit it is time. This week let’s continue to reflect the light of Jesus in a dark world that needs a little brightness!  Remember, it only takes the light from a single candle to drive out darkness. Yes, its about time we drove darkness out by carrying the light of Christ everywhere we go!

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