It’s Our 20th Birthday!

It’s Our 20th Birthday!

 Twenty years might not seem like a lot in terms of church birthdays.  Take for instance the San Miguel Chapel in Santa Fe, New Mexico which is somewhere around 400 years old.  Some could argue that the oldest church is somewhere in modern day Israel, having been established immediately following the death of Christ, which would place it in round figures, around 2000 years old.  Be mindful that no such church building exist today, only a mention in the Bible of a remnant of Jesus’ followers who had gathered somewhere around Jerusalem.  (Acts 2)

            So twenty years is a drop in the bucket when it comes to church age.  But for those of us at the Mountainside United Methodist Church it is a milestone. 

            A Google search reminds us that the Romans created the idea of "milestones".  Long before the signs heading out of town indicating the distance to the next crossroads or the next community, there were stone markers the Romans placed at certain distances on a road to indicate how far a traveler had gone. 

            And now, thousands of years later, this practice is observed on interstate highways by those small green number signs (stones) every mile. 

            A milestone is the marking of a significant event in the life of individuals, families, organizations, and even churches.  These events are to be remembered and honored. 

            On Sunday, April 7 the Mountainside United Methodist Church will observe and celebrate a significant milestone  – 20 years of ministry in Hot Springs Village.  It’s a BIG deal and hears why.

 20 years of supporting local missions
 20 years of providing biblical instruction to children and youth
20 years of offering comfort and hope during times of grief and illness
20 years of helping families "Start Over"
20 years of providing a place to worship God

 You are invited to help us celebrate this MILESTONE on April 7 at 9:30.  The founding pastor, Rev. Lyndol Loyd, will be retuning to bring the morning message.

There will be a reception following the Worship Service.  When you stop and think about it, this could be a milestone in your life!




   -Dr. Walter (Bubba) Smith

  Mountainside Church · 301 Elcano Drive
Hot Springs Village · AR 71909

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