No Residue

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“No Residue”


            A man by the name of Spencer Silver invented one of the most revolutionary products the business and office industry has ever known.  In the late 1960’s, 3M scientist Silver was tasked to develop a strong adhesive to be used in the aerospace industry.  Nothing was panning out.  One of his attempts even ended up being exactly the opposite of the goal and was neither strong and only temporary.  As a matter of fact, it was so weak it would only stick paper together.  The papers could easily be separated without tearing either sheet, but the glue could be reused as it did not leave a residue on either sheet.

            In 1974, another 3M employee by the name of Art Fry was singing at a church one Sunday night and needed a bookmark in his hymnal.  He remembered the weak adhesive Silver was still saying had an application (somewhere).  He put some on a piece of paper, and not only did it work, he could reuse it to mark page after page.

            In 1977, the new product was released in four cities, even though the hope of it being successful was almost nonexistent.  This new office product was called “Press and Peel.”  The reception was lukewarm at best, but due to a massive rebranding campaign, on April 6, 1980, “Post-it Notes” launched across the United States!

            It’s amazing how these little notes could be used repeatedly and not pick up any fibers from the paper upon which it is stuck.  It almost reminds me of how Jesus traveled among the people, among the sinners and never peeled away any residue!

            Jesus had contact on a daily basis with sinners of all kinds – adulterers, thieves, and the like.  He touched people who were untouchable.  In each case Jesus tended to their spiritual needs, but then addressed their physical needs or situation.  Jesus forgave their sins, and strongly urged them to change their ways.  I’m reminded of the woman brought before Jesus caught in adultery.  After all the woman’s accusers had left Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn you.  Go and sin no more.”  Jesus was not asking the woman to live a life of perfection.  He was urging the woman not to return to a life of sin.  He was essentially asking her to get rid of the residue!

            As we travel through our day, whether it be in public, in an office setting, or even in gatherings with friends, don’t be afraid to be around others who are not quite living the Christian life.  We need to be an example to them and urge them to leave their sinful ways behind for good.  Then as we return to our home, make sure we have not picked up any sinful residue.  Like Jesus, welcome discussion with everyone, address sin when appropriate, but never condone sin.

            We walk through a sinful world.  Recognize it for what it is, but always rely on God to remove the days residue from your spirit each and every day through a healthy prayer life.  You can stick to people and make an impact.  But when separated again, take no sinful residue with you.


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