On a Superyacht!

On a Superyacht!

As seen in the  "The Heartbeat" and published in the Hot Springs Village Voice

There is a show called "Below Deck" which airs on Bravo TV. It is a show about a superyacht and the drama surrounding the crew. One of the lowest-level jobs on the boat is the steward. On a regular yacht (if there is such thing), the steward or stewardess is responsible for the normal maintenance, repair, and housekeeping duties. But on a superyacht, the steward or stewardess is responsible for serving meals and drinks, maintaining guest areas and cabins, and meeting the needs of all the guests. Stewardesses must be great diplomats, guest focused, with excellent communication skills. A high level of training is required to serve on such a ship.

Yachts are extremely expensive and are usually owned by corporations or conglomerates in the hospitality industry. Even though the yacht belongs to someone else, the employees on the boat are expected to care for it as if it were their own. They are also expected to serve those who hire and sail on the ship so as to allow the traveler the full experience of everything the owner can supply. Being a steward on a superyacht is an honor and privilege.

If you think about it, we are all stewards and stewardesses on a yacht owned by someone with unlimited riches. Our training was done by the owner’s only son, who lowered himself to the position of entry-level steward. While he already knew everything there was to know, he taught us all through his words, his actions, and with stories to which we can all relate. After he trained a core group of stewards, he left and returned to his high place. The core group has been training others who then train others, and the number continues to increase. The initial trainer’s name is Jesus.

God owns everything in the universe because He created it. All that we have and all that we will have belongs to Him. He continues to pour out blessings on us, as we invite others to join the Heavenly Superyacht and experience the richness of His love and grace. This cruise will not be a short one as we know it. The cruise on His Superyacht will last forever.

As stewards and stewardesses, we have the responsibility to use the training and gifts given to us by our Great Trainer. It is so important for everyone to do their part in caring for God’s people, His church, His creation, and others around us. And when this Superyacht docks at the Heavenly port, we will see a place fitting for a ship only the Creator could create! God is calling everyone to come aboard!!


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