All of us must admit, it’s nice to be recognized for doing a good job.  We feel good about ourselves as well as the accomplishment of a task well done.  There are other types of recognition that can be difficult, while another can be invaluable.

In the work environment, scrutiny abounds.  This scrutiny can come from the "higher-ups", from those we serve, from our co-workers as well as those we supervise.  Positive recognition can be the most effective and cost the company virtually nothing. A simple "thank you" or "job well done" from the boss can go a long way.  But let rumors get started, and people begin to draw conclusions about what they believe to be true. Suddenly, we are recognized for some things that were either misleading or totally contrived.  We could all use less of this type of recognition, as it tears down reputations, our sense of self-worth, and harms the company or corporation in the end.  

Another type of recognition can be fun.  Remember the last time you attended a high school reunion?  Pictures from the Year Book are flashing across the big screen as you walk into the room, and your task is to try to match the youthful classmate with the, let’s say, more age experienced!  Look at them in the eyes and their smile, and you still see friends from long ago. Even their laughs give them away. They’ve changed, but haven’t we all?

We all change as we go through this life, both in a good way and some not so good ways.  We are a product of the environments we live in, work in, and play in. Our actions or behaviors are shaped by the experiences we have.  If those are pleasant experiences, we develop a good attitude as a result. If those experiences are not as pleasant, our developed attitude is exactly opposite. Both positive and negative attitudes then produce an emotion, which then drives our behavior.

It can be easy to recognize people’s behavior from their experiences, e.g. a combat veteran.  Wonderful bonds are formed through controversy, but they can also leave indelible marks on our spirits.  To fully understand these and other marks, one must have experienced the same or closely related situations.

Another type of recognition which can be invaluable comes from our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Does Jesus recognize the trials and temptations we go through daily? Yes, He does. Does Jesus understand what it’s like to go through them?  Again, yes He does. Jesus felt pain, He felt sorrow, He felt joy, and He felt temptation directly from the father of lies – Satan. We might think we are in this world alone.  However, Jesus not only recognizes all these things, He recognizes with us. As a result, we should be recognized along with those who have trusted Him to save us from this world as well as from ourselves.

Jesus told a group of religious elites who claimed to do His work, but did the works to puff themselves up, "I never knew you; go away from me, you evil doers."

None of us want to hear Jesus say those words to us when we one day stand before Him.  Regardless of the recognition we receive here on this earth, we should act, talk and walk daily in a way so we can hear Him say "Well done, good and faithful servant!"  That is the type of recognition which should drive our daily talk, walk, and especially how we treat others. Amen!

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