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Fall is here, and with the change of the season also comes the Fall smells.  There is the crisp and cool feel in the air, the smell of burning leaves, and the shimmering of frost on the fields.  As we once again turn on the heating elements in our homes, the smell of dust being burned off the elements comes from the vents.  Not only do smells change, our taste also seems to transition to hot chocolate, spiced cider, and baked goods.

Have you broken out your Fall and Winter clothes yet?  Some put the sweatshirts, snuggle blankets, and light jackets away until they are needed.  When we go into these storage places there is a particular odor.  It is the smell of undisturbed clothes, shoes, and other items.  The “mustiness” hits our nostrils as we shake out the clothes, much like opening an old book in the library that hasn’t been touched in years.

Are there other “musty” smells in our lives that we encounter?  Your answer may be, “Not if we don’t bother it or open it!”  So true, but should the long-laying items be bothered or opened?  How about our Bibles?  I know I’ve hit a nerve, but hear me out.

How often do you open your Bible?  We have them in places of prominence in our house, such as the big family Bible.  But is the family Bible more for show or for reading?  The Bible is said to be the best-selling book of all time, but the least read book ever sold!  The sad truth of this statement is fact and not fiction.  So many people leave their Bibles on a bookshelf, in a vehicle, or even on the coffee table as a decoration rarely or never to be opened.  Why?

The Bible is the inspired Word of God.  It was not penned by inspired men, but written by men through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.   Since it was inspired by God the Holy Spirit, it is the words of God to His creation.  Just as a conversation between two people can be unique, the reader of the Bible can have a unique conversation with the ultimate author!  And because of the uniqueness of the conversation, two people can read the same scripture and “hear” a slightly different conversation through the words.

God does speak to us through His Holy Word.  Some say they never hear from God or wish they could talk with Him to get wisdom in times of trial, joy, or just everyday life.  Every time we walk past a Bible, we are walking past the opportunity to hear from God without realizing it!

It is my prayer that you open your Bible more often and never again experience that musty smell.  If you do experience that smell, maybe it’s God asking you where you’ve been!  Sit down, have a conversation with Him.  Just like the changing of smells and tastes of the season, you will develop a “taste” for a renewed relationship with the Creator!

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