Speed Bumps

As seen in the Heartbeat and the Village Voice

“Spiritual Speed Bumps”

Much to the dismay of some, or to the delight of some, speed bumps have been installed at the entrances to Hot Springs Village.  I’m sure there were valid reasons for doing so, like the protection of the security staff, slowing cars and trucks to the prescribed speed limit, etc.  While most of the cars and trucks entering the Village obey speed limits and other signage directives, some residents and visitors alike travel through the gate either in the wrong lane or put security staff in danger with their speed rate.

You may not like the statements above, but you have to agree with me slowing down at the entrance gates to the Village by choice or requirement hinders our pace.  We have a place to be, we have people to see and things to do!  And during this time of year it seems those needs increase and consume our waking hours.  What have we done to ourselves?

I’m presently reading a book to which the author compares roads to our pace of life.  Good roads allow us to speed along (sometimes way too fast) on our journey, a journey that matches our pace.  Usually our fast pace is dictated to us by the environment in which we live, usually called a “big-city pace.”  But the author tells of driving the back roads of Texas, dirt roads littered with holes and big rocks.  These roads force the traveler to slow down to keep from damaging their vehicle.  But it can be said these roads match the slower pace of life found in rural Texas, one where people don’t count the miles or minutes but count the encounters.

We are in a time of year when everyone’s pace seems to pick up a little.  There is shopping to accomplish for festive meals, gifts to be purchased and wrapped, and parties to attend.  Our calendars seem to get a little crowded, don’t they?  But whose fault is that???

What does the birth of Jesus mean to you?  Do we look upon baby Jesus as someone to be lauded over or to admire?  Do we marvel at the helplessness of the Son of God?  In my humble opinion, the birth of Jesus is just one event in the long timeline of God’s plans.  Even though it’s only one event, it is what I consider the greatest event!

Adam and Eve were without blemish or stain; they were without sin.  When the fall of man occurred, there was a curtain placed between mankind and God.  He sent Jesus to earth to remove the curtain of sin and to once again see those who accept Christ’s sacrifice as without blemish or stain.

Again, what does the birth of Jesus mean to you?  Put some spiritual speed bumps in your daily walk with God and ponder the love He has for you, the sacrifice He made for you, and the way to Himself He has provided for you.  If we do this, Christmas will take on a deeper meaning, one truly explained by God through His Holy Spirit!  Merry Christmas!

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