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Convinced Yet?


            There are many phenomena which have occurred throughout history.  People have evidence of there occurrence, while some proof has yet to be discovered.  Take for instance the eruption Mount Vesuvius.  When it erupted, it did so with such force and spewed so much lava and hot ash into the air, it completely covered the town of Pompei.  When the excavation of the town occurred, they found people frozen in time, covered by hot ash.  It was almost like they were sculptures.  There were Greek writings which gave clues to the destruction of Pompei that led to it being found.

            What about the existence of another city?  Do you believe the thriving ancient city of Atlantis existed?  A U.S.-led research team believes they may have discovered the lost city just north of Cadiz, Spain.  It is believed a gigantic tsunami swept over the city and traveled as far inland as 60 miles.  The city was completely covered, and due to it being on the coast, is believed to have sunk into the mud flats in the area.  To find evidence of its existence, we can turn once again to ancient Greek Writings.

            There are many more phenomena can be found in Greek writings and translations.  One such occurrence is the birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ.  The Christian Bible, or as it is commonly known as the New Testament, was written primarily in Greek and some portions in Aramaic.  It details many wonderful occurrences of baptisms, water being changed to wine, people being healed of fevers and leprosy, a man who was born blind being give sight for the first time in his life, and even a man being brought back to life after being buried for three days, and many more!  The richness of this compilation of letters and accounts is fascinating.  There is even an account of a man being crucified, a spear stuck in his side to make sure he was dead, and he was buried inside a sealed tomb.  This same man rose from the dead and walked among the people for almost six weeks!  There is even an account of a man who killed Christians having an encounter with this same risen man on a road to Damascus, an ancient town in modern day Syria.  This man’s sight was restored in three days, and he went from killing Christians to converting anyone who would listen to Christianity!

            Yes, the ancient Greek writings are rich with details about a great many things.  But there is no greater account written in Greek and Aramaic than the life of Jesus Christ and why He came to this earth from Heaven.

            I challenge you to read this Greek writing and try to say Jesus didn’t exist, or He isn’t who He says He is!  Christ died, He is risen, and He sits at the right hand of God the Father.  Let me know after you read it if you’re still not convinced!  I would love to have that discussion!!

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