Swan Song

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Swan Song


            If you search the origins of the phrase “Swan Song,” you’ll find something wonderful.  The old lore of the phrase talks about the beautiful swan.  It is said just before a swan dies, it sings the most beautiful song it has ever sung.  Like most animals, I think the swan has a sense it is going to die, and therefore it sings its “swan song.”

            Many people are fans of reality TV.  I have a phrase that I like to say: “Reality TV isn’t!”  These types of shows are not realistic, as they are carefully scripted productions meant to entertain the audience.  One such reality show is a dance competition where regular, professional dancers are paired with celebrities.  Each couple dances to many different genres of music and receive scores from the overly dramatic judges.  One by one they are eliminated by votes from the viewers.  At the end of the show in which they are eliminated, the couple “going home” has a chance to dance one final dance together and is called their “swan song” before they leave with embraces from the competition.  It is a dance without flaw and carefully rehearsed.  Part of me thinks they were told in advance the elimination was coming, so they practiced and practiced their swan song, all for the entertainment of the viewers.

            What is life was so informative?  How would we act if we were told our last hour here on this earth?  Would we spend the last few days saying goodbye to all our friends?  We would certainly want to leave a legacy befitting a swan song of the century!  All this would have to occur with the knowledge of our final moments on this earth.

            If we had the knowledge of the span of our lives, how would we act?  The reality is we don’t have that knowledge.  Most individuals acknowledge an afterlife, but when you talk about assurances the person begins to get uneasy and confidence wanes.  They might say, “God is a good person and will let me into Heaven.”  Sadly, this is not the way we are allowed to enter Heaven.  Jesus told a very knowledgeable, upright Pharisee by the name of Nicodemus, “you must be born again” of spirit.  This happens when you accept Christ as your personal savior and avow to follow Him.

            Will your swan song be one of sadness and desperation sung in your final moments, or one sung with gladness and beauty as you rejoice in the fact you are heaven bound?  I would hope that we all accept our swan song long before that moment occurs, and it is a song we will sing to our Savior, thanking Him for opening the gates to our new home and one He has built specifically for us.  The only swan song that will be appropriate for the moment is one He has written for us with the shedding of His blood.

            Don’t write your own swan song.  Accept the one already written for you by the sacrifice of the Lamb of God.  He is waiting for you to accept Him and His song.  It will be the most beautiful song we will ever sing!

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