The Right Tool

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The Right Tool


            Tools are important items to have around the house.  Even a basic toolbox can be invaluable in times of need.  But just exactly what tools does one need to make it meet the threshold of being called a toolbox instead of a junk box?

            We need tools.  The old joke of, “If it squeaks, spray it with WD-40, and if it flaps and not supposed to, use Duct Tape” doesn’t always apply.  We need screw drivers of different sorts.  We need hammers, saws, and socket sets.  And the list doesn’t stop there. 

            In my younger years, I did a lot of home repairs myself.  This talent was taught to me by my father.  After he retired from the Army, he and my mother purchased a house built in 1929.  In retrospect, I don’t think anything in the house had been updated since it was built!  It still had the original wiring, and even the push-button on/off switches for the lighting.  Projects from leveling the house, to replacing wiring, replacing the plumbing, pouring concrete, roofing, and many more were completed by my Dad with the help from me and my brother.  I learned a lot about tools from him.

            One thing we all should acknowledge is the necessity for the proper tool.  Ever try to properly install a screw with a hammer?  How about nailing a nail with a pipe wrench?  While both jobs could be accomplished as stated, the best way to succeed in the task is to use the proper tool.

            How about trying to accomplish a spiritual task without the right tool?  Have you ever tried to witness to someone about the saving grace of Christ, but couldn’t answer questions posed to you?  It is frustrating and unfruitful to say the least.  We want so badly to quote pertinent scripture, but we’ve left that “tool” out of our spiritual toolbox.

            Having the no spiritual tools can be just as bad as using the wrong tool.  Knowing the Book of Proverbs intimately is good when dispensing knowledge, but not very helpful when trying to lead someone to Christ.  Verses in the Book of Romans called, “The Roman Road” are essential to lead someone to Christ but are not helpful in dealing with relationships between believers and non-believers.  For that you would turn to the Apostle Paul’s letter to the churches in Galatia.

            Knowing the framework of the Bible is like having a toolbox full of tools.  If we have a problem with church administration, reach for the tool of I Timothy.  Need to find a place where joy abound, grab Philippians.  Grabbing the right tool is essential, even in Christian work.

            Take some time to make yourself a “cheat sheet.”  Leading someone to Christ is a task we as Christians are charged to do.  Jesus said we are witnesses for Him.  Prepare yourself, and then never worry.  The Holy Spirit will lead you in your witness.  And remember, it’s always easier when you have the right tool!

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