There's Still Beauty

As seen in the  "The Heartbeat" and published in the Hot Springs Village Voice

December 21st, the first day of winter. All of the leaves have changed and most of them have let go, causing you to do your annual leaf raking ceremonies! The last few trees have lost their color and things are looking drab in color. But don’t think for a minute the beauty is gone.


If you get up early in the morning to have your coffee or other morning hot beverage, look outside. The angle of the sun can reveal some beautiful sights. The frost on the golf courses can make the fairways look like a winter wonderland. Even the pine trees can be a kaleidoscope of colors as the sunshine hits them and the light is refracted.


This past weekend I was tending a bonfire in my back yard. The tending lasted for hours, as I didn’t want it to get away and into the surrounding woods. While waiting, I sat down on the ground and relaxed. The sun was just about to go behind the trees and the day turn to evening. As I looked at the ground, I noticed all these little strands of web running from blade of grass to the next blade, or from a brown leaf to another. The tiny strand began to sparkle in the setting of the sun. I looked around and noticed a myriad of other single-strands on the ground creating a collage of sparkles.


Many of us have a preferred season. Some like the Spring when things begin to once again turn green and flowers start opening their blooms. Others prefer the Fall when we enjoy and marvel at all the colors of creation. Even though we may prefer a specific season, God doesn’t take a break during the other three! He continues to marvel and amaze us with His creation – we just have to look a little harder to see the unexpected.


We may think this year has been hard and blessings fewer. I propose the blessings are there and have been all along. If we look at a huge brick building and marvel at its construction, we miss admiring the individual bricks. While we may think the bigger blessings of large church services and traveling without concern have gone away, but I suggest all we have to do is focus on the smaller things.

God is in the blessing business! Sometimes we need to stop and admire even the smallest of strands all around us that together forms His beautiful creation. Winter is here and a sense of dormancy, but His blessings even in this season will amaze you. All we have to do is look for them! When you find them, don’t forget to praise Him for blessing you even in the smallest of ways.

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