Tired Yet

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“Tired Yet?”


            We can get tired of so much in our lives.  Just a century ago life was a lot simpler.  As an agrarian society, the predominant vocation was farming.  Life was not easy, but planning your day was.  When the sun comes up, you were up.  When the sun set, you hoped your day was done.  It was dinner time, a little bit of radio, and then to bed to start it all over again the next morning.  There wasn’t much thought to it, but it could be a physically exhausting life.

            Today, we get tired.  We get tired of work, tired of the news, tired of our busy schedules, tired of people, tired of working out, tired of being neglected, tired of, tired of, tired of!  Get the picture?  We can get emotionally tired, physically tired, and mentally tired.  As the saying goes, “Adulting is a hard job,” which is usually followed up by, “I don’t want to adult anymore.”  We wish we could, but as adults we have responsibilities, and fulfilling them makes us tired in multiple ways.

            Let me ask you this.  In the midst of being physically, emotionally, and mentally tired, do you ever get spiritually tired?  Some may think, “How can you ask such a question, and to admit so would teeter on blasphemy!”  I disagree with you if you are thinking anything close to this, with all due respect of course.

            Did Jesus ever get tired?  Yes, He did.  He got physically tired, emotionally tired, mentally tired, and yes, I believe spiritually tired.  Even though He was fully God, He was also fully human.  Jesus always put the needs of others before His own.  Remember when He heard about His cousin John’s beheading?  He set out in a boat on the Sea of Galilee, but noticed a large group following them on shore.  Jesus was grieving, but told the disciples to put the boat to shore.  He saw to their physical needs by serving the 5,000 men, plus women and children, from a few fish and five loaves of bread.  He spoke to them and taught them His message of love, forgiveness, and the coming kingdom.  After they were sent away, Jesus sent the disciples on ahead in the boat while He retired to a hilltop to pray and grieve.  You see, Jesus needed to be refueled physically, emotionally, mentally, and yes, spiritually.  When Jesus poured Himself out to the many, He always sought a place of solitude to spend time with His Heavenly Father to get rejuvenated, and His cup filled again by the only one who could do that!

            Thinking of getting tired in our spiritual walk reminds me of the poem “Footprints in the Sand.”  A man was talking with Jesus and looking back over his life.  He noticed two footprints in the sand as they walked, but then noticed only one set up footprints.  The man asked Jesus, “Why did you leave me?”  Jesus said, “Oh my child, I didn’t leave you.  I was carrying you because you were tired.”

            If you get tired in your daily walk, no matter the task, let Jesus carry you along your way.  There are no better arms to rest in when you are weary!

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