Walking Among Us

As seen in the  "The Heartbeat" and published in the Hot Springs Village Voice

Walking Among Us


            One of my favorite shows that is no longer airing is “Touched by an Angel.”  Every week there would be someone struggling and in need of help.  As things continued to pile up on them, desperation increased until they felt completely and utterly hopeless.  It was then the angels who had been walking with them all along revealed themselves.  The message was the same to each person they served, “God loves you.”  The revelation was not at the point when the desperate ones thought they needed help; it was in God’s time when they needed hope.

            I believe we all can look back over our lives and see our timing wasn’t the best.  The harder we tried, the more messed up things became (at least that was my experience).  It was like a basketball game where I was the only player on my team, and I was trying to defend five opposing players.  I was quick, but not that quick nor that good.  Eventually the other team will score rather easily.  Trying to do everything on our own will get the same results in our everyday lives.  There is always help, if we but ask.

            God can reveal Himself in many ways.  Perhaps through the softness and wisdom of a grandmother’s touch and voice.  Maybe through a gentle boost into a tree from a father’s rough and weathered hands.  Or maybe from a stranger who stops on the roadside to help change a flat.  It’s those times viewed in retrospect when we can see God’s presence in our daily walk and experiences.

            We’ve all heard the phrase, “God’s timing is perfect.”  A statement contrary to that is utterly ridiculous and doesn’t even sound good coming out of my mouth!  If God’s timing is perfect, then the outcome of His involvement must also be perfect, if we accept it.  After all, if we beat our heads against the proverbial wall and finally give up, God can choose to reveal a door or remove the wall all together – in His time and wisdom!

            Help comes in many ways at the right time.  In “Touched by an Angel,” people were oblivious that angels walked among them, and only realized their mission when God chose to reveal their identity and purpose.  God the Son also chose to reveal Himself and His glory atop Mount Hermon to a few of His disciples.  While these three became Jesus’ “inner circle” and should have never doubted one iota after seeing His glory revealed, they fell short many times, even denying Jesus after His arrest.

            We too fail, even through our best efforts.  But in our shortcomings, God can choose to reveal Himself in many ways through many people; all we have to do is listen.  We can hear the footsteps of people as they walk past us.  The challenge is this – listen!  Listen intently for the footsteps of the Holy Spirit as He daily walks among us protecting, guiding, and blessing all of God’s faithful!

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