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We All Have One

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We All Have One!


            With a title like this one, the mind can run to many places.  I’m not talking about cars, even though they are almost in every garage.  Also not talking about a pet, even though there are few households without one.  What, or should I say who I am talking about is a mother.  If you are reading this today, you would be hard pressed to convince me you don’t have a mother.

            I have a niece who owns a floral and gift shop.  Don’t even try to get a piece of her attention during this time of year.  As the old saying goes, “I’m as busy as a one-legged man in a…….,” well you know the rest.  Flowers will be flying from one side of the country to another, and vans will be full of beautiful bouquets on their way to moms.  You must agree, the olfactory nerves are going to be in overload during this time.

            Have women, specifically mothers always been held in this high esteem?  During Old Testament times, women for the most part were seen as second-class citizens.  They had no voting rights and were seen as possessions – by men.  But how were they seen by God?

            God sees women differently.  He created woman to be a helpmate for man, and not a possession.  She was the only one of the two (man and woman) to be created in the perfect environment, Eden.  She was perfect in every sense of the word, created in the perfect place.

            In the book of Judges, another woman is seen as a standout, Deborah.  In a position held by men, Deborah is the only woman to hold the position of Judge over all of Israel, and the fourth judge of pre-monarch Israel.  That’s an extremely high position for a woman to hold in a patriarchal society.  Not only did she hold the position of judge, but she was also a prophetess.  This means God spoke to the people of Israel through her, with authority over all the nation!

            Kathy Ireland, a famous model tells the story of her sitting in a small apartment in Paris, France in the beginning of her career.  Her mother had placed a Bible in her suitcase when she helped Kathy pack.  Kathy was down, and in an industry full of men taking advantage of women; she knew there was more.  She held the Bible in her hands and admitted she didn’t know where to start.  She began in Matthew.  Kathy was so impressed how Jesus held women in esteem and cared for their spiritual health as much as men.  She gave her life to Christ, and He has guided her ever since.

            We need to take note of how Christ holds women in high esteem.  She was the first to be made in His image in the garden.  She holds a special place in the sight of God.  We too must hold all women, and during this time, all mothers in very high esteem.  It is God’s way!

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