We Are Not Alone

We Are Not Alone

Flying doesn’t make me anxious, but not knowing where I am going once I get there sure does. Most of the time when I fly somewhere, I am certain to meet someone on my arrival to pick me up and take me to my destination. Most of my flying experiences are to see friends and family, or traveling with my spouse. This time I was flying by myself, and arriving to an unfamiliar city, a day early for the event, and I had to navigate my own way to the hotel. The challenge was that the hotel did not offer a shuttle service, so I had to find my way to ground transportation take a taxi.

I’ve taken a taxi before, but I can’t say I’ve ever done it alone. Once I found my bag at baggage claim in a somewhat crowded area, I started looking for signs. Most airports are great at signage, and this one was as well…but the trick with signage, is you sorta need to know what you may be looking for to understand the signs. I just kept walking and eventually found where I could catch a cab. All was well, and my anxiousness was eased, as a very nice cabdriver saw to it to take my bag and help me on my way.

Not all of us are adventurous, especially when going it alone. If I were traveling with a companion, my anxiousness would have never reared its ugly head. Which leads me to the point I want to make.

In this life of faith, we are never alone. We may sometimes believe we are alone, but we aren’t. Many times we try and go it alone, and we soon learn that going it alone brings a lot of challenges that we could have avoided if we had just asked for help. God assures us that we are never alone…it just requires that we believe it and trust God to be there.

There is a great affirmation of faith that we sometimes use in the church. Here are some excerpts, the parts I tend to remember when I need a graceful reminder:

We are not alone…we live in God’s world
We believe in God…we trust in God
We are called to be the church…to celebrate God’s presence…to love and serve others
In life, in death, in life beyond death…God is with us…we are not alone
Thanks be to God.




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