Wet Bushes Won’t Burn!

Wet Bushes Won’t Burn!

As seen in the  "The Heartbeat" and published in the Hot Springs Village Voice

Spring is here, and with it comes Spring lawn cleaning!  Small branches, brown leaves, and pinecones cover our lawn in the most haphazard fashion.  As the lawn and leaf rakes have come out of storage, new gloves purchased, and the image of a finely manicured lawn with beautiful Spring flowers fill our landscaping imaginations.

As we rake, and rake, and rake some more gathering all these unwanted Winter gifts together, pull the dead Fall flower bushes from the beds around the house as well, the thought of burning them is in the forefront of our plans.  I saw just that earlier this month as we had a few days of sunshine and warmer temperatures. But as we’ve all experienced, if you gather the debris into a pile and leave it a few days, its going to get wet. We’ve had so much rain this Spring, having a nice dry pile of sticks, leaves, and twigs to burn is a rarity.  Face it – all these twigs, leaves and bushes just won’t burn if they are wet!

So, we wait for a nice sunny day to once again rake and fluff our piles trying to dry them out, and prepare them to be set aflame.  And for those of you who read this column weekly, you’re ready for the transition question: Is our Christian walk like a wet bush?

How do we "tend" our faith bushes?  Do our faith bushes get wet from time to time?  Do we all have the same bushes or are they one of a kind?

God wants us to have a relationship with Him.  This is the reason we were all created – in His image.  And for that matter, we look like our Father, as we worship in spirit because God is Spirit.  We are all different, but our spirits are mostly alike.

It seems nowadays we ignore the similarities and look for the differences.  If theologians say we are mostly alike, why do we focus on the small differences and ignore the major similarities?  In all honesty, if we focus on the similarities, it helps us to see the uniqueness in all of us with greater clarity!

If we try to stand out from the crowd by being unique, are we not using the lesser percentage of our faith?  We all have been given spiritual gifts to use to edify and bring glory to the Father. But if we always look at the minor side, we miss the major side of our faith – the side that joins us all together as one big family.

Even a slightly wet bush will burn.  We all need to concentrate on the largest part of our faith, stand closer to His fire (the Holy Spirit), and let Him prepare our bushes to be set aflame to burn brightly for His kingdom here on earth.  The time will come when we will burn brightly in a place where there will be no more tears to dampen our bushes!!!


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