Zebra by Committee

Zebra by Committee

As seen in the  "The Heartbeat" and published in the Hot Springs Village Voice

Many of you have sat on several committees in your personal and professional life. The numbers can range from just a few individuals to well over a dozen. There are dangers with having only a few where only a limited range of solutions to issues are discussed. The opposite is true with larger committees. Some say larger committees will discuss and argue about so many different solutions they eventually begin to "beat dead horses." I usually add to this saying with, "and they lash the dead horses together for greater pulling power!"

Jokingly, I’ve heard people talk about some animals like the platypus or the zebra. They say, "The zebra is obvious a horse created by committee." Of course this isn’t true, but it is a prime example of how things can get out of hand with committees, and the outcome is less than desirable. We know however this funny saying isn’t true, as the zebra is a beautifully unique creation where no two are exactly alike. Their stripes are distinct to them in the same way our fingerprints are unique to us.

Jesus encountered some leadership issues in His time with His disciples. The issues were not with Jesus but with His committee – His disciples. They disagreed among themselves and even James and John’s mother lobbied Jesus for special seats for her sons, one on the left and one on the right when Jesus came into His kingdom. The "committee" had a self-declared spokesman (Peter) who usually spoke way too soon, and was even brash enough to step out of the boat, which was then followed by him being saved by Jesus serving as a lifeguard. They were a dysfunctional group at times.

When Jesus ascended into heaven, the eleven disciples followed instructions and went into Jerusalem. They prayed together, ate together, and even agreed on the replacement for Judas Iscariot. They set the criteria and chose. They probably discussed a great many encounters and joys they experienced over the last forty days. But Jesus was gone again! What will they do now?

They prayed! Jesus told them to prepare for the promise of God the Father. Could they remember exactly what this promise was? They had a hard time understanding a great many things Jesus told them during His time with them over the last three years. Uncertainty may have filled the room, but it made no difference to the committee – because they prayed for ten straight days.

Are we facing uncertain times? The answer is yes. So how are you handling the future? I believe we can take note of the disciples’ actions and pray daily for guidance, wisdom, discernment, for grace, and for forgiveness when we fail to listen. God will give them all to us if we put pressure on our knees and talk directly to Him! God is still in control! Praise God for that!!


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